• Fanny Byhmer Svensson (HB)
  • Dejin Chen (POLIMI)
  • Bilel Khanouch (ESTIA)
  • June Kin (TUD)
  • Victoria Ponieman (UAL-LCF)
  • #transformative skin #phygital events #Augmented Reality #community

    TCP is a digital platform that can provide solutions for waste generated by the occasional use of clothing products due to on-site activities. By creating digital fashion products in the form of interactive filters, TCP combines digital aircraft with physical clothing through limited edition apparel designed by artists and TCP's creative team to create unique event products that can be collected. The clothing not only fits perfectly with the theme of the event, but also incorporates augmented reality features to enhance the customer experience and create unique travel experiences that can bring the audience closer to other participants and artists during the event, strengthening the sense of community and belonging and improving the overall event experience.