of Collection Systems of Products in the Aquatic Ecosystem

Student: Jorcin Théo (ESTIA)


Company: Décathlon

Residency duration: 2 months

The residecy focuses on the deposit system for swimming costumes, flippers, and microfibre towels to increase circular and non-linear economy of the company. This system is conceived as a service that, by paying an additional sum at the purchase of an item which is given back to the buyer when the item is returned to the shop at the end of its use, for recycling purposes. An extensive benchmarking was implemented by comparing different collection/deposit systems on a series of criteria such as the type of collection, the typology of collected items, the collection processes, the prices and ways of distributing reward to the customers. The aim of the research was to understand and explain how the deposit/collection processes work and compare their communication strategies.

#Circular economy
#Deposit/collection systems
#Case studies research
#Recycling processes