Recyclability and Reuse of Glasses and Masks in the Aquatic Ecosystem

Student: Bordgaray Lorentxo (ESTIA)

HEI’s Tutor: Jérémy Legardeur (ESTIA)

Company’s tutor: Damien Saumureau (Décathlon)

Residency duration: 2 months

The residency focuses on the promotion of the circular economy inside the Nabaiji and Subea sub companies, offering responsible swimming and diving products, reducing waste and promoting reparability and recycling. The main activities were conducted to perform the calculation of the reparability index on masks and google products, to realize videos tutorials about spare parts and to assist in the design of the SUBEA 500 Pano, a mask which is designed to be repairable.

#Repairability index
#Circular economy