Modular Design and System for Disassembly

Student: Yiyang Tang (UAL-LCF)

HEI’s Tutor: Ella Sharp-Mitchell (UAL-LCF)

Company’s tutor: Enrico Cozzoni (Pangaia Grado Zero)

Residency duration: 3 months

This project investigates the innovative application of a modular design approach to the multi-purpose jacket parka, exploring how easy disassembly and design recyclability can be achieved while ensuring the performance of the garment, thus responding to the challenges of developing a circular economy in the fashion industry. Two methods of observation and analysis were used to examine the structural characteristics of the commercially available multi-purpose parka, followed by field observations to document the environment in which the product is used and the lifestyles of the target users. Three main design methods were used: modular design, design for disassembly, and digital garment prototyping. The results of this research could help guiding designers to think of innovative ways to recycle garments and offer potential buy-back solutions from the consumer’s perspective.

#Modular design
#Circular economy
#Design for disassembly
#Digital garment prototyping