Omnichannel Customer Journey for Mass Market brands targeting Gen-Z users

Student: Chiara Anceschi (POLIMI)

HEI’s Tutor: Alessandra Spagnoli (POLIMI)

Company’s tutor: Francesca Bomfin Bandeira (Stentle / M-Cube Group)

Residency duration: 3 months

Eirene is an omnichannel Customer Journey designed for GenZ targets diagnosed with depression and/or anxiety and/or body dysmorphia aimed at guaranteeing a safe and respectful in-Store experience. The aim of the project is to maximize the comfort of the customers while increasing the conversion rate and the total sales of the store. The Empirical Research was firstly aimed at observing Stentle/M-Cube activities and interactions with clients, diving into the contemporary panorama of the phygital offers on the market. In the meantime, a theoretical research was carried out on psychiatry studies regarding correlations between visual imagery and mental Illnesses, or associations between images posted on social medias and users’ diagnoses. Once research foundations were built, a survey was formulated and delivered to 30 users. To communicate the project idea, a video regarding omnichannel experiences was designed and realised for Stentle - M-Cube sales department. The residency results in the prototyping of the Eiréne experience, tested live by 20 test users in M-Cube Demo Area.

#Body Dismorphia
#Mental wellbeing
#Omnichannel retailing
#Data ethics
#Experience design