How Digital Technologies Support the Fashion Design Process

Student: Shenhao Lyu (POLIMI)

HEI’s Tutor: Daria Casciani (POLIMI)

Company’s tutor: Cinzia D’Agostino, Irene Baggio (Pespow)

Residency duration: 3 months

In this project, digital technology has been tested to digital prototype and simulate outerwear with an hyper-realistic scope not only in terms of style but also in relation to the physical properties of clothing fabrics such as folds and drape, colours, tactile properties rendered through visual images. During the residency, the process of pattern simplification for software compatibility, tridimensional modeling of garments and accessories, virtualization of materials and properties definition on the digital software has been tested through the test on many outerwear examples using CLO3D software. The result of this research is relevant for fashion practitioners who want to achieve the best of results of using digital technologies to prototype and simulate garments in a hyper-realistic way exploiting both time and processing resources of the hardware.

#Digital Fashion
#Garment digital prototyping
#Hyper-realistic material simulation
#3D Modelling