for Circular Fashion Management

Student: Robayat Ferdous Saikot (HB)

HEI’s Tutor: Vijay Kumar (HB)

Company’s tutor: Fredrik Timour (WLY)

Residency duration: 4 months

Due to the linear consumption models and increasingly higher demand for fashion products, textile waste has become a crucial issue nowadays. The industry stakeholders, academia, and policymakers are seeing the Circular Economy as a solution and the fashion brands are also going in that direction to achieve a sustained competitive advantage. At this stage, challenges exist to guide the circular initiatives of the industry in the right direction with proper definition, measurement and monitoring. The purpose of this study is to develop the KPI framework for the brands that helps them to align their organizational goals with the European Taxonomy while adapting to CBMs (Circular Business Models) to face the sustainability challenges in the industry.

#Circular Economy
#EU Taxonomy
#KPI framework
#Circular Business Models