Traceability for Circularity in Textiles

Student: Arafgat Saleheen (HB)

HEI’s Tutor: Vijay Kumar (HB)

Company’s tutor: Fredrik Timour (WLY)

Residency duration: 3 months

The purpose of this study is to investigate on how fashion brands can improve their existing state of traceability that can enhance the sorting and recycling of textiles. Existing traceability can be improved by focusing on ensuring a transparent value chain, sharing recycling-related information between the actors, and mapping the supply chain. During the residency, a small sample size of stakeholders was involved in the research. This study advances our understanding of how transparent information sharing and traceability and transparency can support opportunities for textile recycling industry. It also suggests that sorting and recycling operations can be enhanced with an improved traceability system implemented by fashion brands.

#Textile recycling industry
#Value chain transparency
#Supply chain map