In this section, you will find the projects developed during the Fashion-Tech residencies as a collaboration between students from international HEIs and companies. The projects encompass physical prototypes, digital prototypes, reports and frameworks as well as tests and analysis.

Natural dyeing on biobased material.
Zero-waste plants-dyed
and biodegradable garments
Garmentity (noun).
The process of giving a garment an identity
Functional clothing for modern urbanites
Sensorised twin-set for Sportswear.
Bio-data monitoring system
Biomimicry Wearables.
Smart textile wristband
Eirène. Omnichannel Customer Journey
for Mass Market brands targeting Gen-Z users
Optimising Impacts.
BYBORRE’s online plaform CreateTM
A multipurpose Parka.
Modular design and system for disassembly
Digitally Empowered fashion design.
How digital technologies support
the fashion design process
Bridging Infrastructural Holes.
Traceability for circularity in textiles
Collaborative Fashion Consumption.
Business Model analysis of
clothing rental digital platforms
Discussion topics on Fashion Rental.
An application of Topic Modelling with LDA
and Sentiment Analysis with data from Twitter
Developing KPI Framework
for Circular Fashion Management
Recyclability and Reparability for Circularity.
Environmental reductions for products
in the Aquatic Ecosystem
Developing Aging Protocols and
Product Advantages (PA) tests. A work focused
on swimwear products and materials
Developing Product Advantages (PA)
Test for current and future products
Progressing Repair. Recyclability and Reuse
of Glasses and Masks in the Aquatic Ecosystem
Research and Benchmark of Collection
Systems of Products in the Aquatic Ecosystem