• Matthis Cambefort (ESTIA)
  • Bastiaan de Wit (POLIMI)
  • Musen Guan (UAL-LCF)
  • Charlotte Niemann (HB)
  • Yao Yao (UAL-LCF)
  • #co-design #transparency #supply-chain #web-platform #community #customsation

    BRAVE NEW WORLD is a subscription based, fully transparent co-creation platform that helps fashion pioneers connect and create together, providing an innovative and transparent approach to the fashion design process and giving a voice to every member of the community, with particular attention to ethic and sustainability. On this platform, users are guided through the fashion design process while providing full details about materials, suppliers, manufacturers, costs. The platform offers two modes: expert mode and story mode. The former is designed for people with advanced skill sets who are comfortable with sketching and using software freely, while the latter is more accessible and allows users to modify the 3D visualisation of garments developed directly on the website.