• Melanie Hermeling (HB)
  • Camille Labazuy (ESTIA)
  • Ana Luisa Sampaio (UAL-LCF)
  • Lucas Stollenwerk (UAL-LCF)
  • Susana Vallejo Mesa (POLIMI)
  • #digital fashion twin #Augmented Reality #experience #botanic eutopia #eco-activism

    AHORN & EFEU develops a biodegradable product with its digital twin to help environmental activists with an affinity to technological advancement to be conscious buyers while living limitless experiences of fast-evolving trends. This will support the purpose to reduce overconsumption waste and increase emotional attachment through interactive experiences. Due to the connection between both, sustainable functionality and digital fast fashion, users seek will wear functional gear for escapism and individual development. Every costumer can choose a seedling that will gradually grow as pattern on the virtual version of the garment. The raincoat can develop in the digital sphere with every physical step and lived experience.