Weaving Universities and Companies to Co-create Fashion-Tech Future Talents

On 28th May , 2020, the Consortium announces the kick-off of FTalliance, a three-year (2020 – 2022) Knowledge Alliance Project co-founded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union aimed to facilitate the exchange and flow of knowledge within the Fashion-Tech sector to boost students’ employability and innovation potential. The purpose of the Project is to ensure the ongoing innovation in the European Fashion-Tech sector by providing emerging talents with relevant competencies and know-how to enter the jobs market.


Fashion-Tech means new products, processes, tools and professional figures that come about as a result of cross-disciplinary approaches. To keep up with this emerging field, there is an increasing urgency for organisations to adapt and advance collaborative practices, to find ways to integrate new technologies into fashion and design.

In the long-term, the project aims at increasing the relevance, quality and impactfulness of Fashion-tech innovations and also at enhancing the competitivity of the European Fashion system at a global level revamping the industry through innovative practices.


The consortium comprises
12 partners and 1 associate
from 6 Programme Countries

5 Fashion, design,
engineering HEIs
1 Leading large fashion and
apparel enterprises
5 SMEs representing the
Fashion-Tech ecosystem
1 Research Technology
1 Associate
Large Enterprise

Fashion, design, engineering HEIs

FSMEs representing Fashion-Tech ecosystem

Fashion and apparel
Large enterprises

Research Technology

Associate Large enterprise