Transition in the Global Fashion System

Digital Event


Date: 10-11 November 2020


Having moved its regular 36th World Fashion Convention from November 2020 to June 7-9 2021, IAF organised a digital pre-convention event in November 2020 where prominent speakers from the IAF member network representing a wide range of supply chain links (brands, producers, technology solution providers, educators and NGOs) shared their vision on the theme “Transition in the Global Fashion System”.  


During these two days, IAF also hosted four online sessions on topics strongly related to the ‘transition’ theme and we were lucky to lead Session 1 and present our FT Alliance Project to the audience. This session was an exchange of ideas about the interaction between fashion companies and fashion educators in the face of rapid technological change.


For more info about this session or to watch the recording, please visit the IAF website.