'Fashion Tech Interline' digital course

The Virtual Dimension of Fashion Design

7 January 2021 - 8 March 2021

We'd like to announce the kick off of our series of international courses which focus on the Fashion Tech Industry and will address crucial market challenges.

The first one, hosted by the Politecnico di Milano - School of Design, takes place from January 7th to March 8th 2021, and will gather together the first cohort of 50 students from the Consortium Partner Universities to work in interdisciplinary teams to creatively respond to a variety of challenges related to the Fashion Tech industry.

Designed in collaboration with Grado Zero Innovation and Pespow SpA, the Fashion Tech Interline course will focus on the virtual dimension and a dematerialised approach to fashion design.

The course aims to understand the impact of digital co-creation technologies in the Fashion sector, focusing on the potential application of Cloud-based technologies that are changing the fashion design, supply and production chains and the way today’s fashion businesses operate, for faster, smarter, more efficient and sustainable garments

Content will be delivered through a preliminary theoretical part aimed at setting a mutual and solid base of knowledge to be shared by all the students as a prerequisite for the practical and challenge-based part of the course. Participants will also be introduced to innovative ways of teaching based on digital tools and used both, to deliver the course and to develop project-work and group collaboration between teammates. All of them will have the opportunity to experience the process and the methodological approach of a project development activity throughout all its stages including design, engineering, product life management, costing and pricing, research and materials management.