Weaving Universities and Companies
to Co-create Fashion-Tech Future Talents

European Project


FTalliance is a 3-year academia-industries partnership aimed to facilitate the exchange, flow of knowledge and co-creation within the Fashion-Tech sector to boost students’ employability and innovation potential. The objectives of the project will be achieved through a series of knowledge exchange activities aimed at fine tuning a multidisciplinary Fashion-Tech curriculum integrating fashion, design and engineering with industry relevant challenges through open innovation and project-based learning methodologies.

In addition, the project is aimed at designing and piloting innovative mentoring formats for students and at developing Fashion-Tech Contest and Residency to co-create new opportunities and foster a portfolio of innovative concepts and products prototypes.



The consortium comprises
12 partners and 1 associate
from 6 Programme Countries

5 Fashion, design,
engineering HEIs
1 Leading large fashion and
apparel enterprises
5 SMEs representing the
Fashion-Tech ecosystem
1 Research Technology
1 Associate
Large Enterprise


Over the next three years, the Consortium will deliver a series of knowledge exchange activities between partners to co-create innovation in the Fashion-Tech sector, and a series of educational activities, from designing and piloting innovative mentoring formats for students to the development of a FashionTech Residency, embedding young talents in the companies’ innovation activities.

Knowledge Exchange

It consists of a series of interactive workshops, aimed at fostering the knowledge exchange between HEIs and companies, in order to evaluate the state of the art of current Fashion-Tech curricula, employability profiles within European HEIs in relation to industry relevance and build Fashion-Tech job profiles.

Learning Experience

Educational experiences aimed to satisfy the expected level of expertise to access the Fashion-Tech sector. The learning modules will be tested through a series of 3 workshops with students and lecturers from the partners including industry professionals, focusing on smart-textile, wearable and digital manufacturing.


The programme will last 6 months with the aim of co-creating opportunities between students and companies through a contest. The purpose is to generate innovation through a multidisciplinary exchange between the creativity of young international talents and the know-how, tools and prototyping facilities of the host company.