Centexbel is the Belgian research and testing center for the textile and plastic converting industries. Spread across three locations, 180 people come together to provide expertise on both testing of existing products and research into new products and applications.

The testing laboratories cover a wide range of testing possibilities, including physical testing, chemical testing, microbiological testing, testing of burning behavior, and more. These laboratories support both the research and certification activities within Centexbel. Research at Centexbel covers the entire textile production chain, from the extrusion of polymers, to the weaving and knitting of fabrics, to the treatment and coating of those fabrics. At each step of the chain, research covers a variety of topics, ranging from the renewability of resources (aimed at both recyclability of an end product, as well as the use of renewable resources as raw materials), the environmental friendliness of functional products (looking at, for example, new methods to achieve water repellency), to the development of smart textiles (making use of both conductive inks on top of a textile as well as conductive yarns woven or braided into textiles).

The combination of testing and research departments allows Centexbel to solve problems not only with already existing products, but also to assist in the development of new technologies and processes to help shape the materials of the future that play an important role in our everyday lives.

Website: https://www.centexbel.be