Student: Andoni Guerin (ESTIA)
HEI’s Tutor: ESTIA
Company’s tutor: Joey Delage, Damien Saumureau (Décathlon))
Residency duration: 2 months

The project, based on Decathlon’s mission, focuses on testing products in order to determine “Product Advantages” (PA). Decathlon’s products are classified 100 for beginners, 500 for intermediates and 900 for experts. The aim of the residency was to understand, quantify, validate and rate the benefits achieved by the products developed in Decathlon (such as support, chlorine resistance, muscle work) to subsequently interpret these results that support the decision-making process on the possibility to commercialise the product or not. The residency activities included a first phase in which to perform the selection of products and timing for tests to happen and the establishment and writing of the experiment protocols. The protocol allowed clear instructions to all testers asked to perform the same movements so that the results would be as consistent as possible. Subsequently, AP tests were planned, organised, deployed on selected items, involving external testers. During the experiments, data collected were analysed to allow rating products and reporting on tests. According to the tests scores and comments, it was possible to compare products via statistics and claim or not a “Product Advantage”.






#Product Advantages