Student: Annalise June Kamegawa (POLIMI)
HEI’s Tutor: Daria Casciani (POLIMI)
Company’s tutor: Enrico Cozzoni (Pangaia Grado Zero)
Residency duration: 3 months

The project results in a waterproof hooded jacket with a nylon lining and a system of multifunctional pockets. The jacket aims to subtly incorporate functionality in an elegant way, moving away from the hyper militarized language of “techwear”, and instead focusing on a uniquely elegant garment in which every feature has sprung from a clearly defined need. Over the course of the residency, observation-based research was conducted on the urban population of Milan. Combined with market and literature-based research, the need for an elegant, yet function-based garment for modern urbanites emerged. Thus, at the Pangaia Grado Zero research and development offices, the jacket was developed using performance textiles, internal and external pocket systems, and a form suited for a body in motion. A combination of digital tooling (Clo 3D, Adobe Suite) and traditional garment production (pattern drafting, machine sewing) was implemented to execute this piece. The language of function developed in this project is then expanded, in preliminary explorations, to other garments.




#Field research

#Urban observation

#Digital and physical prototyping