Action-based research through 3 digital focus groups (a series of digital episodes using various digital tools)
hosted by HEIs and hosting Companies aiming at:

+ Define Fashion-Tech skills of the future
+ Connect with SMEs inside and outside the consortium
+ Gain an understanding of the role of Fashion-Tech in employability
+ Gain an understanding of the future opportunities this presents for graduates by exploring current and emergent future job roles
+ Link, test and gain feedback on the EDU4FT Curriculum with industry activities to develop future job roles


Fashion-Tech across the value chain for core business

27th May 2020 and 29th June 2020

Organiser: UAL

Participants: PVH, HB, ESTIA, POLIMI, ALL + AB members

Two digital focus groups with fashion and lifestyle company PVH to explore emergent and future fashion-tech skills and roles. Participants from across design, management and HR at PVH came together to determine how fashion-tech is currently and will be integrated across the value chain for core business at PVH.


Fashion-Tech for disruptive business models

2nd, 4th, 16th of June 2020

Organisers: HB and WLY

Participants: ALL + AB members + Fashion brands, tech
companies, telecom operators

A series of digital focus groups to explore the Fashion-Tech industry developments with regards to disruptive business model innovations, to identify Fashion-Tech skills and roles required to support business model transformation for unleashing untapped revenue streams enabled by integration of ‘analog’ and ‘digital’ fashion.


Fashion-Tech for core business and sustainability

22nd and 23rd of June 2020

Organisers: ESTIA - UAL

Participants: DECATHLON, POLIMI, GZI, ALL + AB members

The two digital focus groups aimed at bringing out emergent roles for the fashion tech industry. The focus group was guided by the Chair Bali and ESTIA ecosystem (and in particular Decathlon) around sportswear and sustainability. More that 20 roles have emerged from each workshop and will serve as a basis for future exploration.