Pespow is an international leading company in the outerwear business, a creative and technical partner to fashion brands across the globe. For over 30 years, the company has operated alongside its customers, designing and producing innovative quality sportswear, mixing the traditional artisanal methods with the innovation of material, process and techniques. We offer to our customers a full assistance: from the design to the pattern creation and sampling, and through the production. The company has the know-how to perform a wide range of innovative processing techniques, and the R&D department is constantly exploring new opportunities, new fabrics and new applications to test and experiment. The main goal of the company is to work alongside the costumers to design and manufacture innovative products capable that represent and enhance the specific identity of each brand. Currently, there are 80 people working in Pespow.

PESPOW will contribute to the project with its expertise in outerwear product development and production, research on materials (textiles and trims) and CAD and 3D Design.