Decathlon is specialised in sporting goods design and distribution. The company is in 43 countries, with more than 90 000 employees in retail, design and production. It generate 11 billion of TO. Nabaiji is the swimming brand of decathlon, with approximately 60 employees it generate 5% of decathlon TO. Nabaiji design product for swimming like swimsuits, swimming goggles, swimming accessories, towels, sandals… Swimsuit represent the major par of Nabaiji activity. Development and production is supported by decathlon’s teams dedicated in R&D and production.

A part of Nabaiji team is dedicated in swimsuit design development, component development. There jobs are fashion designer, textile engineer, pattern maker, component engineer, methods engineer. Decathlon production division is already involved on textile industry 4.0 project and in the evolution of jobs and skills in textile with 3D design tools.