In this section, there are 12 digital portfolios of the partners involved in the Fashion-Tech alliance project, whose aim is to trigger the knowledge exchange between companies and universities through company research study visits.

The focus is on building relationships and mutual understanding between HEIs and companies, to ensure the talent pool graduating from universities across Europe is equipped with the relevant high-level skills and profiles to respond to the current and emerging needs within the area of Fashion-Tech. Through its digital portfolio, each partner has established the types of Fashion-Tech roles in its organisation, mapping the teams and departments where the roles are based across the organisation, how they are recruited, how the roles have developed and, crucially, the person profiles of these roles (skills, qualifications).

To achieve this, each digital portfolio has five sections, which will be documented and visualised through image galleries, videos, flyers, podcasts and short descriptions:

  • Fashion-Tech Background
  • Fashion-Tech Values & Priorities
  • Company Structure
  • Fashion-Tech departments
  • Job Activities/Roles

Fashion, design, engineering HEIs

Politecnico di Milano (Italy)

London College of Fashion (England)

Estia Institute of Technology (France)

Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands)

University of Boras (Sweden)

SMEs representing Fashion-Tech ecosystem

Pauline van Dongen (The Netherlands)

Pespow (Italy)

Pangaia Grado Zero (Italy)


We Love You Communication (Sweden)

Stentle (M-Cube Group) (Italy)

Fashion and apparel Large enterprises

Decathlon (France)

Associate Large enterprise

PVH (The Netherlands)

Research Technology Organisation

Centexbel (Belgium)