Lucie Huiskens (1958) is co-founder and program coordinator NL NextFashion & Textiles (heretofore CLICKNL|NextFashion), the innovation network of the fashion sector, part of topsector Creative Industries.

Giusy is the CEO of Fashion Technology Accelerator, the international hub for digital innovation in the Fashion Industry.

Matthijs Crietee is Secretary General of the IAF, the International Apparel Federation, based in the Netherlands. The IAF is the world’s Federation for the fashion industry, with fashion industry associations representing over 60 countries in all continents. The IAF supports its members in creating a stronger fashion industry. The fashion industry is one of the largest industries in the world, employing tens of millions of people worldwide. 

Owen Geronimo is the CMO of The Academy of Fashion Arts and Sciences (Los Angeles) and a Fashion Scout for LVMH Prize (Paris), emerging fashion designer competition.

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